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Generate keys and address

First, generate a payment key pair and a stake key pair. Then, use the payment verification key and the stake verification key to build an address that can be used to receive funds from the faucet.

The payment keys control the funds, while the stake keys control the participation in the protocol: delegating stake to a pool and delegating votes to a delegate representative.


  • cardano-cli installed

Generate key pairs

  1. Generate payment keys:
cardano-cli conway address key-gen \
--verification-key-file payment.vkey \
--signing-key-file payment.skey
  1. Generate stake keys:
cardano-cli conway stake-address key-gen \
--verification-key-file stake.vkey \
--signing-key-file stake.skey

Build the address

  1. Build your address:
cardano-cli conway address build \
--payment-verification-key-file payment.vkey \
--stake-verification-key-file stake.vkey \
--out-file payment.addr \
--testnet-magic 4

Get funds from the faucet

  1. Use your address on the faucet to get SanchoNet testnet tokens.