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Welcome to SanchoNet - your gateway to Cardano's governance future!

SanchoNet is not an incentivized testnet and no real ada is rewarded for participation.

SanchoNet is the testnet for rolling out groundbreaking governance features for the Cardano blockchain, aligning with the comprehensive CIP-1694 specifications. SanchoNet stands apart from other testnets; it's a vibrant, inclusive, and community-driven platform. Every community member is invited to join SanchoNet and actively contribute to shaping Cardano's governance future.

As SanchoNet advances in its journey of implementation and feature rollout, the community is encouraged to embrace specific roles crucial for testing and refining the governance mechanisms:

  1. Testnet ada holders: As a testnet ada holder, your role is paramount. You can engage in crafting and submitting governance actions, and your insights will be invaluable to ensure that the governance system upholds the highest standards of security and efficiency.

  2. Stake pool operators (SPOs): SPOs are the backbone of any blockchain network, and on SanchoNet, it's no different. As an SPO, you can take charge and run the testnet network with diligence and integrity and of course, you can influence Barataria's future voting on relevant actions. Your feedback will be invaluable.

  3. Delegate representatives (DReps): DReps are the voice of the broader community. As a representative, your role involves participating in voting on governance actions. You can consider the collective interests of the community as you engage in these important decisions.

🚧🚧 SanchoNet is under construction 🚧🚧

SanchoNet is all about developing and testing the technical components and processes required to action governance for Cardano within CIP-1694. It informs and engages the Cardano community on Voltaire on-chain governance activities currently underway.

To fully utilize the on-chain components as they are designed for ultimate use on mainnet, a significant program of off-chain elements (eg committees, informational tools, etc) will also need to be delivered, subject to a separate complimentary roadmap and timeline.

As such, SanchoNet will follow an independent development trajectory scoped from a technical, rather than final, governance perspective. SanchoNet will encapsulate the various actions and use cases that SPOs, DReps, and other users will undertake within typical usage situations as the wider governance capabilities are rolled out.

Therefore, not all SanchoNet functionality will operate initially as intended (for example, within constitutional actions), and will be subject to change and iteration during the course of development.

SanchoNet is more than just a testnet, it is a playground of opportunities. Within this space, the community can collaboratively create a governance system that is robust, decentralized, and truly community-driven. Your involvement, dedication, and passion will be the driving force behind SanchoNet's success.

SanchoNet feature rollout

The rollout of Sanchonet features will be phased in line with the technical development of CIP-1694:

SanchoNet phases roll out

PhasesPhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4Phase 5Phase 6
Status✅ Live in SanchoNet✅ Live in SanchoNet✅ Live in SanchoNet✅ Live in SanchoNet🔨 Development in progressNot started