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Delegate representatives (DReps)

A DRep serves as the community's spokesperson, actively participating in voting on governance actions and advocating for the community's collective interests.

Becoming a DRep

As Cardano prepares for the Conway era, community participation becomes vital for its success. A meaningful way to contribute is by becoming a DRep and playing a key role in shaping Cardano's future.

DReps hold significant responsibilities in the governance process, voting on important system updates. Approval depends on the governance action type and requires a majority vote from the corresponding governance bodies (SPOs, the constitutional committee, and DReps).

As a DRep, you'll have the power to vote 'yes,' 'no,' or 'abstain' on governance actions proposing changes to protocol parameters. Your vote represents the ada holders' collective voice, making your role crucial in Cardano's decentralized decision-making.

To become a DRep, follow these steps:

  1. Download the node v8.11.0-sancho
  2. Run the node
  3. Request funds from the faucet
  4. Register as a DRep with an on-chain registration certificate
  5. Initially, on SanchoNet, use tools like Discord to identify governance actions requiring your attention and vote
  6. Engage in discussions with other DReps to assess the merits of active governance actions
  7. Cast your votes using Cardano CLI or other voting tools as they become available in the community
  8. When submitting your votes, include reasoning for your vote and an anchor (URL and hash).

Stay tuned for comprehensive tutorials that will be provided upon the release of new features. You might be also asked to conduct specific tests from participants on SanchoNet, highlighting the importance of your active involvement.