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DRep Pioneer Program Lesson Plan

Module 3: Reward Schemes for DReps

Activity 8: Reflecting on DReps Compensation (40 min)

This activity focuses on discussing with participants if DReps should be compensated for their collaboration. Compensation for DReps is still an ongoing debate, so having insights from participants will enrich the rationale behind compensation.

Start by presenting the proposed reward schemes to the participants using the training slides that outline the different reward structures, incentives, and criteria for DReps. Ensure that the presentation is clear, concise, and easy to understand.

Divide participants into small groups, ideally consisting of diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Each group should be allowed to discuss the proposed reward schemes amongst themselves. Encourage participants to consider each scheme's potential benefits and drawbacks and any concerns or questions they may have. You can slot 10 to 15 minutes for this discussion.

After the group discussions, reconvene as a whole group for a structured feedback session. Each group can designate a spokesperson to summarize their discussion and present feedback on the proposed reward schemes. Facilitate a discussion where participants can share their insights, ask questions, and provide constructive feedback.

Document the participants' feedback during the session and ensure that it is compiled and shared with relevant stakeholders for consideration. Consider organizing follow-up sessions or opportunities for further discussion to address any outstanding questions or concerns raised by participants.

Thank participants for their engagement and participation in the activity. Before proceeding to the next activity, ensure there are no pending questions.

Activity 9: DRep Reward Schemes (40 min)

This activity focuses on explaining three variants of reward schemes. Similar to the previous activity, present the three variations of reward schemes and divide participants into small discussion groups. You can slot 20 minutes for discussion.

Following the group discussions, gather the entire group for a structured feedback session. Each group should nominate a spokesperson to recap their conversation and offer feedback on the proposed variants for reward schemes. Encourage an open discussion where participants exchange insights, pose inquiries, and provide constructive input.

Record the feedback provided by participants during the session, ensuring it is consolidated and distributed to pertinent stakeholders for review.

Congratulate participants for their active engagement in the activity. Ensure all questions have been addressed comprehensively before transitioning to the next segment.