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DRep Pioneer Program Lesson Plan

Closing Activity and Wrap Up

Activity 12: Conclusions and Further Steps (20 min)

This final activity aims to allow participants to reflect on their learning and consolidate key takeaways from the training day.

You can follow the next steps to conduct a final wrap-up activity:

  1. Recap the main topics covered throughout the training day, highlighting key concepts and insights related to Cardano Governance design, Governance Roles, and the process of becoming a DRep.
  2. Divide participants into small groups, ensuring a mix of individuals with varying familiarity with the subject matter.
  3. Distribute sticky notes and markers to each group. Use breakout rooms and a shared board with notes like Miro, Ideaflip, or Mural in an online training session.
  4. Prompt participants to reflect individually on the following questions:
    • What was the most valuable insight or concept you learned today?
    • How do you plan to apply this knowledge in your role as a DRep or within your organization?
    • Is there any aspect of the training you would like to explore or have additional questions about?
  5. Encourage participants to write their responses on sticky notes (or a shared board in online sessions), capturing each response on a separate note.
  6. Once participants have had time to reflect individually, reconvene as a whole group.
  7. Invite each group to share their reflections by sticking their notes on the whiteboard or flipchart under the corresponding question.
  8. Facilitate a discussion around the shared reflections, allowing participants to elaborate on their responses and engage in dialogue with one another.
  9. Summarize the main themes and insights from the discussion, highlighting any common challenges, opportunities, or areas of interest.

Close the session by expressing appreciation for participants' active participation and contributions throughout the training day. Reinforce the importance of ongoing learning and collaboration in the context of Cardano Governance.