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A SanchoNet developer is an individual skilled in blockchain technology and programming, with a passion for contributing to the evolution of Cardano's governance future.

Develop on SanchoNet

To interact with SanchoNet as a developer, you will need to:

  1. Download the node v8.11.0-sancho
  2. Run the node
  3. Request funds from the faucet
  4. Build a cool tool to integrate with SanchoNet
  5. Publish it to the community.

Community tooling


Wallets are websites or applications that convert a mnemonic into a user-friendly interface for sending and receiving ada. Below is a list of all the wallets currently available on SanchoNet:


Explorers allow you to visualize blockchain data. Some are web-based, while others are generic APIs. Below is a list of the current explorers available on SanchoNet:

Voting centers

Voting centers enable interaction with the chain for viewing and voting on specific proposals. They can also integrate with wallets to facilitate delegation to DReps and submission of transactions to wallets.