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Join the community


  1. Join the IOG Discord community:
  2. Complete the captcha verification
  3. In #start-here, select 'Join the SanchoNet Community'

The 'Voltaire' category, containing SanchoNet channels, will appear. You can enter these channels and join the discussion or just follow along!

SanchoNet Discord channels

The SanchoNet channels include the following:

  • #announcements for updates about SanchoNet
  • #spo-sanchonet for SPO discussion
  • #drep-sanchonet for DRep discussion
  • #builder-sanchonet for discussion of SanchoNet community tooling and infrastructure projects
  • #wallets-sanchonet for wallet discussions, SanchoNet and CIP-95
  • #live-sancho for live sancho calls

Discord events

Every two weeks a #wallets-sanchonet open hour call is run via the #live-sancho channel. Here we discuss latest SanchoNet news and wallet's approach to CIP-95. Although this call is aimed at wallets, all are welcome.