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DRep Pioneer Program Lesson Plan

Prelude and Introductions

Activity 1: Welcome Participants (15 min)

Welcome participants to the DRep Training; congratulate them for the decision to learn more about the DRep ecosystem and how they can become a DRep to participate in and vote in Cardano’s governance.

Use this time to introduce yourself and share your motivation to become a DRep. If time permits, conduct an ice-breaking activity to allow participants to introduce themselves. You can use the “popcorn” approach, where the last person to participate selects the next teammate to introduce themselves.

Keep introductions plain and straightforward by encouraging participants to answer two or three questions, such as:

  1. What is your name?
  2. How long have you been in the Cardano Community?
  3. Why do you want to become a DRep?

The “popcorn” approach is a double-edged sword; however, it makes the meeting more democratic, with each team member selecting their successor. However, it can also make people feel awkward if they are unfamiliar with one another. If the introductions get stuck, act as a facilitator.

Be sure everyone introduces themselves before moving forward to the next activity.

Activity 2: DRep Training Program Overview (15 min)

Use the session schedule to present an overview of the content you will cover during the day; avoid getting into the details to prevent additional time spent. Use the training slides to present the learning outcomes and encourage participants to ask questions during the session.

Depending on your training type, in-person or online training, explain the session logistics for breaks and any relevant information.

Ask any questions before moving on to the next activity.

Activity 3: Key Terms (15 min)

For this activity, use the glossary in the training slides to present the key terms that participants should acknowledge to understand the forthcoming activities better.

To make this activity more engaging, you can conduct trivia to ask participants if they know the definition of every concept in the glossary. You can use slides or an online tool like Kahoot or TriviaMaker.

Ensure the terms are clear for participants before moving on to the next activity.